While sailing and cruising I am curious about meditative exploration. The feeling can be much slower or faster than the physical reality depending on the circumstances. It’s interesting because this is the feeling that some of the world’s most talented athletes encounter while engaged in their sport. So the oceanic artwork becomes an extension of what I am interpreting while observing prototype motorcycle racing. A language that I can refer to while moving through an ever evolving presence.

6080 Collins Avenue Beach House – Print on Aluminum

Passage was sold in 2015 to hotel developers involved with 6080 Collins Avenue Beach House on Miami Beach. It was one of three pieces selected in an open call for local art in partnership with the Bakehouse Art Complex. The 30 x 40″ dye sublimation print is now on view in the lobby and part of a commemorative coffee table book celebrating the architectural project. Construction was completed in 2019.

Hasselblad artwork by Kelly D. Hudak, Passage.
Passage; South Pointe, Miami Beach; 2015.