Artist Statement

Informed by terminal velocity, skydiving brought me to the negation of my body as I knew it, transforming everything into something more infinite. Though beauty met tragedy as my sister died in a car crash a short time earlier. My family’s perspective on my art path — death wish. Yet it was quite the opposite, perhaps an affirmation of existence. 

Some time later, I felt the rubber of my shoes melting on tarmac, all the while, deconstructing a blur of motorcycles, grounded with indescribable grace. The dynamic essence propelled me into a fifteen year investigation of spatial awareness, speed eventually uncovering stillness.

I began sailing offshore, the ocean informing my life since childhood. Speed is relative, sailing felt just as fast as skydiving, skydiving felt just as slow as sailing, The sapphire blue of the Atlantic slipped by the hull and finding the wind was akin to finding rhythm in yoga, tracking motorcycles with a Hasselblad or deflecting air in a skydive sequence.

Photographic, sculpture and video works contain sweeping curves, saturated color, subtle image blur and geometric patterns. They inspire a deeper look relative to the body, where a moving meditation becomes apparent. 

Enjoying the Caribbean for the first time in 2001, my sister and I kicked our feet up on the deck of our family stateroom. Now having completed sailboat deliveries to and from the Atlantic Coast, The Bahamas and British Virgin Islands, I appreciate more and more how fluidity and shifting environments enlighten my art and life.