Artist Statement

Notions of space and time are deconstructed and reimagined through the body. I am interested in the ever evolving process of awareness. The kind that seems to slip away into abysmal depths, after discernment and deliberate concentration.  Yet what I love, is all that comes after, a return with crystalline clarity. After three years of skydiving, my search within seemingly infinite dimensions dropped me straight into prototype motorcycle racing. It is here that I push the boundaries of art made from observation, creating for the viewer, an opportunity to consider their inner most self, in relationship to matter. 

Working in abstractions and fragments within the motorcycle world championship, MotoGP.  The language of speed and duration explored, becomes experiential force. It is not my intention as an artist to capture this speed, it can hardly be grasped and for the most part, is unknowable. There are certainly laps counted, times calculated and many other factors in racing, yet I am fascinated by the fine tuned focus and incredible balance of human and machine, navigating corners and tearing down a straight line, exceeding 200mph. Inspired by the energy related to dynamism, while taking in the movement on track, I make images, sculpture and installation work. The art reveals moments of extraordinary power and at the same time incredible calm. 

I began photographing MotoGP during Hurricane Ike in Indianapolis. Struck by the beautiful intensity of racing in the most dangerous conditions of 2008, the sculptural work came through as an exciting gestural composition of image, crystal and light, set within a carbon fiber structure. Electroluminescent film strips tied the work together both literally and figuratively. That was until I discovered bendable OLED technology in 2010. The engineering samples were produced late 2018. 

The time between 2010 and 2018 was one of transformation, I attended American MotoGP races and created two dimensional images. Each one expressed notions of rhythm, inspired by OLED components from Philips. They came in many shapes and some were translucent and near transparent. I was drawn to the triangular and hexagonal ones and began working geometric pattens into a photographic mask.  I thought of these works, first as research and then drawings, for later installations. The drawings became a series all on their own and a way that I could express my thoughts while working out and towards the three dimensional artworks.  

2016 was the turning point where I attended my first European race. Italian Futurism and European philosophy had made its impression upon my work already, so the experience of Milan, Bologna and finally the Misano Circuit was an important step. I had come from a place where monumental, minimal, conceptual, light and space, as well as land artworks in America provided a jumping off point. I came to know that I had identified myself within a territory so vast that I nearly lost a sense of my inner most self. Looking at artwork in Italy, as well as yoga and offshore sailing became integral parts of a process during this period, allowing identification to fall away, revealing the most elemental parts of my artwork. In a lot of ways it wiped the slate clean.   

Bubbling to the surface now are new sculptural works, plans for installation art and travels to European MotoGP circuits.  Aragon, Spain is where I will be continuing this long term project, blurring the natural setting with what MotoGP commenters describe as knife edge speeds. The vertical became horizontal for me, from skydiving to canopy piloting and finally ground launching. A curving trajectory, until the ground was flying beneath me in extraordinary extension. I then became still, watching it all pass by. 

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