Artist Statement

The elegance of world prototype motorcycle racing eternally unfolds in the curves and straights of each MotoGP race. The riders are timed and the laps are counted, yet my investigation looks beyond traversing points in space to the deeper states of consciousness; uncovering the intuition and reflection revealed in an alternative duration.

I first encountered creative duration as a skydiver nearly fifteen years ago. I was  contemplating French philosopher, Henri Bergson’s writing on becoming in constant flux. My perspective was altered as I became familiar with Bergson’s theory of la dureé; lyrical, permeating and born into the present. I later applied the unraveling from the inside and a slowing down of spatial elements to motorcycle racing. I felt that riders hint at a heightened sense of awareness and their experience of space led me to delve even further into a meditation in motion of the Mysore, Ashtanga Yoga lineage and a lifetime journey of sailing.

Italian Futurist’s thought in sculpture and a a trip to Milan, Bologna and Misano World Circuit, Marco Simoncelli was the turning point. I was able to connect the beauty of speed in Futurist artwork with the world’s most talented motorcycle riders on prototype machines. Traveling from Miami, I discovered a famous Italian race track, near to where Futurist artists were conjuring new perspectives over a hundred years ago! After a decade of sharing my story and working with groups such as, Dorna Sports S.L., Swarovski Architectural and Philips OLED, Hasselblad America’s provided me with their newest technology for the next conceptual stages of the project.

The art is manifested as Medium format, image based work and at times sculptural musings. Sculptural plans came first and were presented to MotoGP in 2008. The current body of work demonstrates gestures of speed, using color, shape and repetition, moving beyond the object, expressing time as an ever evolving succession. For the last ten years I have been invited as an artist to the World Prototype Motorcycle Racing Circuit governed by the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme founded in Paris, 1904. Manipulating Hasselblad images, I carefully create geometric masks, color transparency and fluid drawings, eluding to what lies beyond, under negotiation and recomposing space, focusing on time expanded. This practice has now trickled into a complementary body of work exploring oceanic surfaces and depths during sailboat deliveries.

The art ofter calls into question, the very image itself and continues moving towards abstraction and ethereal space within dynamism. I will continue working with MotoGP in an experimental way to produce work that is accessible to the public on an international level and look forward to the yoga and sailing journey.