60mph winds greeted Kelly and Bruce the first time they photographed MotoGP. The work that resulted during Hurricane Ike at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway certainly described focused concentration within an extraordinary and challenging space. The images were perfect, filled with the intensity of a moment. Since that time the two have attended three more U.S. Grand Prix events. The most technologically advance equipment is necessary for Bruce and Kelly to develop monumental art installations for cities hosting the global series. Canon and Hasselblad equipment have provided them with the tools to explore rider navigation and the poetic battles that take place on exquisitely designed circuits. In addition to their MotoGP research,they study yoga, enjoy traveling and experience the world through cycling, sailing and unique culinary adventures.



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Moto GP

MotoGP makes up the premier class of riders developing prototype motorcycles around the world. These machines can exceed 200mph on a single straight! It is not the speed that has intrigued us though. Instead, our research lies in the subtleties of the track design, sweeping curves, tight hairpins, and the occasional sudden drop in track elevation, where champions are challenged. We knew the Hasselblad would top out at 1/800s, a shutter speed that is slow in comparison to the modern DSLR. It would also pale in comparison to any DSLR’s capture; the H4D-40’s 1.1 frames per second may not be acceptable to some. Here we were still interested in the subtleties; top of the line sensor and camera software, unbelievable lens mechanics, and editing software that would make the most of the innovative technology.

Our photography focuses on rider navigation and the extraordinary compositions that unfold at each Grand Prix Event! With much attention to detail we come to know each track very well. See our new work with the Hasselblad H4D-40 at Circuit of The Americas!

Hasselblad H4D Article

Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas

21 April, 2013 | Circuit of The Americas | United States


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Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix

29 August, 2010 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway | United States

Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix

25 July, 2010 | Mazda raceway | United States

Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix

14 September, 2008 | Indianapolis Motor Speedway | United States


Photographing the yoga practice is a fascinating endeavor. The work is developed within the space of quiet contemplation and intense focus. Henry Bresson is quoted in saying, "To take a photograph means to recognize – simultaneously and within a fraction of a second – both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning. It is putting one’s head, one’s eyes, and one’s heart on the same axis." Considering this idea, we wish to portray a connectedness within the human experience that is not easily percieved but instead requires introspection and investigation through and beyond our physical body.

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Goji berries in our tea; nuts and seeds; chaga latte and shilajit; potent juices; fresh maple syrup; green smoothies; coconut water; fresh fruits and vegetables; wild herbs; cacao; maca and more! We are always searching for unique experiences in the culinary world, as well as, the most tasty wood fired pizza around.

In this gallery you will find exquisitely crafted food and beverage to inspire the most discerning palete.

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Through our images we set off to describe rejuvenation, conscious awareness and sustainable living. Travel photography reveals a common thread connecting us across the globe. It seems to bring out a certain curiousity within, regarding our surroundings, culture and movement. Through hiking, cycling and sailing we have found an active culture immersed in protecting the most beautiful spaces on earth. We wish to share these rare and inspiring locations.

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Installation Art

Our work focuses on sustainable solutions to bring out the light, color and compositions within abstract sculptural design. This methodology brought us to electroluminescent film early on and now to Philip's OLED lighting components. We wish to create art that speaks to stillness and a meditative moment.

We continue to develop innovative concepts for public spaces centered around interesting lightscapes that take on elements of the immediate environment. Whether temporary or permanent, these spaces provide the individual with a unique and refreshing perspective of the present.

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