Medium format Hasselblad equipment as well as Broncolor Lighting, opens up opportunities to achieve excellent image quality in photographic installation projects. The beautiful depth in color, clarity and flexibility in image size that the Hasselblad sensor affords, paired with creative components developed by Broncolor, provides an infinite array of imaging options. From concept to image capture I enjoy the unique process of every artwork. Larger custom projects may require print, architectural, engineering and production support allowing the work to become an awe inspiring collaboration accross disciplines.



I look forward to participating in the Philips, Lumiblade Innovators Club where 100 partners receive 100 Lumiblade Brite FL300 OLEDs, redefining concepts of light in our evolving interior and exterior environments. I first started using flexible, electroluminescent light, bending and curving it through carefully cut translucent photographic film. The work, suspended by cable, was ethereal, fragile and seemingly transformed in volume and scale as the viewer walked under and around the piece. The Philips Lumiblade Innovators club will support new works while I begin my eighth season studying and photographing unparalleled motorcycle riders, navigating some of the most intriguing MotoGP™ race tracks around the globe.


We are members of Americans for the Arts, American Photographic Artists and American Society of Media Photographers.
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Kelly Hudak

Kelly began photographing prototype motorcycle racing in 2008. This work has inspired her large scale installation research. Along side it she enjoys travel, culinary and lifestyle photography. With an eye for detail in an action packed environment she is on point and patient as a moment unfolds or is developed before the camera. Kelly has a background in fine arts, yoga, art direction, food and beverage, retail and customer service.

Bruce LaFollette

Bruce's expertise is grounded in production and account management. His organization and management skills exceed expectations. With a strong interest in photography he has been assisting Kelly since 2008. Bruce has a background in engineering, finance, yoga, food and beverage, as well as, retail and customer service, Bruce makes certain every project runs smooth. Not to mention, his time in the Air Force as a medic is helpful too!


Artist Statement



Kelly Hudak

Published September 10th

Disovering a Path-Key West to Calais

It was quite amazing and not at all what I had anticipated. Especially the part where we rode in from Stamford, CT as our bikes were not allowed on the peak train! It was just after 7am and we could either ride or wait until 10am, which would really let our wheels run free shortly after 11am. . . We couldn’t bear the four hours and took to the streets. Now it did take us six hours to get there but that time was filled with burning leg muscles, coffee and pastry stops, amazing trails, views, a short ride through Harlem and finally a sense of unbelievable accomplishment riding down FDR drive.

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Bruce LaFollette

New Writing Coming Soon!

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Miami Beach, FL




Contact us for partnership opportunities. We are planning a fundraiser hosted by Hatchfund to assist our successful involvement in the Philips Lumiblade Innovators Club. A group of 100, working in OLED design.

"Every few years people who think outside the box come along and take steps that other peopleare not willing to take. They change the world forever with their dedication and innovation."

From the OLED Innovators Club website.

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Conscious Velocity

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