Kelly D Hudak blends medium format photography with sculpture and installation. She uses thin flexible film and evolving OLED technology to engineer intricate suspended works. She has been invited to photograph the World Prototype Motorcycle Racing Circuit, MotoGP™ for the last eight seasons. Her tests in Medium Format photography have been published by Capture Integration and Hasselblad. She has most recently participated in the satellite fair to Art Basel, SCOPE through the See|Me program for the last two years.

The experience of documenting unparalleled riders navigating through challenging yet beautifully designed tracks has informed Kelly's sculptural practice investigating glass, crystal, carbon fiber and light further extracting poetic moments of energetic determination held within intense passages of time. She lives and works on Miami Beach, Florida contemplating movement and forms in space sparking our interest in the navigation, balance and dynamic presence.

MotoGP is the worlds oldest of all prototype motorcycle racing events and exhibits technologically advanced techniques and materials in developing prototype machines. My work speaks to expansive energy available to the human body and mind, meditative moments in material and a sense of absorption in space revealing velocity and stillness intertwined using motorcycle racing as a metaphor.


Using medium format technology, I explore the natural and built environment uncovering dynamism and the most subtle stream of awareness in spaces that require refined focus over long periods of time.

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Adobe and Autodesk software allow me to perform material research, process images and prepare digital drawings as an important stage in the creation of two and three dimensional works.

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Presence and reverberation are revealed through blending light and material. The observable world and underlying aspects are considered while taking in the direction and composition of a particular work.

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    Motorcycles & Medium Format

    It is through perseverance, determination and careful calculation that we come to see extraordinary results. Testing Hasselblad’s H4D-40 during the Red Bull Grand Prix of The Americas took my breath away.

    MotoGP makes up the premier class of riders developing prototype motorcycles around the world. Machines exceed 200mph on a single straight!

    It is not the speed that has intrigued me though. Instead my research lies in the subtleties of the track design—sweeping curves, tight hairpins, and the occasional sudden drop in track elevation––where champions are challenged.

  • Hasselblad H4D-40

    I knew the Hasselblad would top out at 1/800s, a shutter speed that is slow in comparison to the modern DSLR. It would also pale in comparison to any DSLR’s capture; the H4D-40’s 1.1 frames per second may not be acceptable to some.

    Here I was still interested in the subtleties; top of the line sensor and camera software, unbelievable lens mechanics, and editing software that would make the most of the innovative technology.

    The worlds prototype motorcycle riders negotiate spaces where a free state of mind often exists in the face of immense intensity, where navigation becomes poetic and graceful as speed is demystified.

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Spatial navigation. . .When you're on the outside you see a totally different world. Your perception of speed is completely different and you can't understand how someone can handle a bike at certain super-fast speeds. But when you're actually on the bike, you have the opposite sensation. You have the impression that everything is happening in slow motion, that it's all far slower than it really is. That's because speed is something you learn to live with, something you get used to. And it's relative.

Valentino Rossi

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    Kelly D Hudak

    Kelly D Hudak received her MFA from the University of California investigating spatial philosophy and skydiving. Exhibitions include the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, SCOPE Miami Beach and a Locust Projects short list in Miami’s Design District. Research of poetic speed in motorcycle racing has earned Kelly consecutive invitations as an artist to develop work within the FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix, MotoGP™. Kelly has been published by Capture Integration and Hasselblad describing her first Hasselblad test to develop photographic and sculptural OLED works. Residing on Miami Beach in South Florida Kelly is inspired by her Ashtanga Yoga practice, sailing, cycling and free diving. She looks forward to traveling MotoGP™ circuits inside and outside the US.

    Team Member

    Bruce C LaFollette

    Bruce C LaFollette has assisted Kelly D Hudak since 2008 while photographing MotoGP™. He studied chemical engineering, mathematics and finance at University of Missouri and University of Illinois. Bruce earned his Associates of Science degree from Southwestern Illinois College and was a medic in the United States Air Force. He found a passion for culinary arts while working at a Friends of James Beard fund raising dinner. With eighteen years of bartending and service experience Bruce has entered into the sailboat and yachting charter industry. Interested in the arts and image making Bruce continues to take an interest in photography residing on Miami Beach in South Florida. Bruce enjoys exploring the outdoors, travel, swimming, sailing cycling and yoga.

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